Pumpkinfest October!

October is here so I can finally dig out my fresh pumpkin and start carving! The jack o’lantern won’t just be used to scare away trick or treaters this Halloween though. This month I’m very excited to take on a small cooking and baking challenge!

I want to make one new recipe every week for the month of October. There’s only one stipulation. Every recipe has to feature pumpkins as its main ingredient! I could just go for the traditional pumpkin pie when Canadian Thanksgiving rolls around in two weeks but I want to learn new recipes and have fun testing them out on my family. For every recipe I make, I will let you know the source so you can try it for yourself!

My main goal is to create several warm, hearty dishes that are perfect for fall. I have a sweet tooth but not all my family does so I want to try a mix of recipes that will please all palates. I have a few ideas so far, with one recipe being a sweet treat I found on one YouTube vlog and the final product looks delicious!

Stay tuned for the first recipe this weekend and fingers crossed it turns out well!

cat, Halloween, pumpkin

My Halloween Kitty!


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